Color and Inspiration from LA

Two weekends ago I took a trip to visit my wonderful friend Jenny in LA and we had such a blast! We spent a bunch of time just wandering around outside in the beautiful sunshine and everything was so colorful that I thought I would share some photos in case anyone is looking for some inspiration. I know that these are the kinds of vibes I'm looking for right now as spring gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere.

Even laundromats are decked out in killer street art.

I want to do an abstract-ish painting of this beach so badly.

This was the cutest motel ever. I want to stay here!

This was a super cool crystal shop in Santa Monica. Heart eyes for that neon sign. When I was here I bought a piece of citrine for prosperity, personal power, creativity, clarity and focus.

Amazing street art by Vhils. This is created with explosives.

There are neon signs everywhere - I loved this one (just a little bit less than the Room of Ascension)

Last Spring I realize that I was obsessed with flowers (so many flower photos) and LA's flower game is so on point.

We visited the Broad museum and I fell in love and took so many photos. This is Tulips, by Jeff Koons.

Perfect for selfies. And pink.

Roy Lichtenstein's take on my favorite paintings of all time - Monet's Rouen Cathedral series. It is so cool to see other artists loving and being inspired by the same work that I love and am inspired by.

Another iconic Jeff Koons piece: Balloon Dog! WHen I was looking at this I realized that I hope to someday create work that surprises and delights people like this.

Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays. Jenny Holzer is my icon.

Really difficult to show the size and color in this installation, but here is an attempt. 

A closeup of Takashi Murakami's piece, Of Chinese Lions, Peonies, Skulls, and Fountains. 

Again, LA's flower game is so on point.