I was going through some photos and found these shots of my desk area from a day when things were particularly nice and clean. Since I am going to be moving out of this place at the end of the month I thought it would be fun to document my workspace here. 

My "work" area is at one end of my bedroom, right against the windows at the brightest part of the whole apartment (living on the first floor of a townhouse does not make for a particularly bright apartment). 

I don't always work at my desk. I will often sit down on the couch, at the kitchen table, or even on my bed to draw or paint, but if I plan on working on something for several hours or really want to spread out I'll go to my desk. 

I try to keep the desk relatively clear of stuff (as in, no containers of paper clips or knicknacks or anything like that live on top). But I still love knicknacks, so I keep them up on the windowsill. I tape up little bits of encouragement and prettiness on the wall below the windowsill. 

My favorite part of my workspace is my inspiration board (actually, boards). I use it to collect postcards, photos, my own artwork, and other little bits that I collect. Some of my favorites above are from Life Love PaperAdamJK, Lisa Congdon, and Song & Dance Design, along with lots of museum/fine art postcards.

Here is a close up of some what's on my board. The Emily McDowell card up there is one of the best cards that I've ever been given. Everything on here completely delights me, which is exactly the point of an inspiration board. Lots of Feminist Sticker Club stickers up there too.

Of course, a huge component of any workspace is storage. The white filing cabinet below the printer holds printer paper, ongoing projects, and lots of other random junk.

The desk has one drawer that I keep office supplies in. Below that there is a cabinet with 3 shelves, which holds the bulk of my art supplies - acrylic paint and ink, embroidery thread, stamp carving supplies, and lots of pouches with different pens and markers inside. Pouches are essential for organizing in my life.

To the right of my desk is a my mint green filing cabinet and my rolling cart (a raskog from IKEA).

On top of the cabinet I keep even more pens and markers in even more pouches (and recycled ice cream containers). 

Inside the top drawer I keep even more pens and pencils (wow, I really need to go on a purge of those before moving). I also keep watercolors and colored pencils - anything that comes in its own container. And another pouch with go-to supplies inside.

Inside the middle drawer, I keep empty notebooks and sketchbooks that are empty or that I'm currently working in.  The bottom drawer is a spot for hanging files. I keep a set of file folders in there to organize all of the loose paper I seem to accumulate - artwork of different types, scraps, cards and envelopes, stickers. I tend to leave artwork sitting around in stacks and piles, and then inadvertently damage it, so I try to file things away to avoid that.

The rolling cart holds more of my scrapbooking-ish supplies and lots of tools (date stamps, adhesive, cutting mat, rulers, hole punches, stapler, ink). I love being able to roll it around the house to work from wherever.

My work area is not usually anywhere near as clean and organized as this. I have also learned that I have far too many pens and am addicted to pouches. I have been so lucky to have such a large space with lots of storage for the past year. It is't the cutest, but it is all mine. I can't wait to see where I end up next and how that impacts my work!