Colors of Ireland


It has been quite a while since I've posted here. I spent pretty much the entire month of July traveling, first on another cross country road trip and then on a family trip to Ireland.

My grandfather is from a small town in the very south of Ireland and my family and I traveled there to see where he came from. We also visited Galway and Dublin while we were there. I had never been to Ireland before and, naturally, I took a ton of pictures.

I kept thinking about how gorgeous all of the colors were everywhere. Obviously there was lots of green in the landscapes, but I was a big fan of the colorful buildings, artwork, and other vignettes. On the last morning of our trip I was up early and trying not to wake up my sister, so I spent some time on my phone, importing photos into the Adobe Capture app and creating color palettes out of them.

The app is free, and picks out the dominant colors in your photos, create palettes, and add them to your Library, which you can use in other Adobe programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator. 


I created a bunch of palettes, and I think they look great all together and on individual projects. I thought I'd share some of the photos I took, the palettes I made from them, and the work that I made using those palettes. 

I loved this little salon in my grandfather's hometown. I didn't get a great photo of it, but it makes a wonderful palette. I made this little eyes pattern out of it.

I love this wall and post office box combo.

I loved these colorful buildings in Kenmare. This is not a palette I would ever go for on my own, but I think it looks great here, and I can't wait to try something out with it.

More wonderful buildings all over the country.

Of course, there were lots of landscape photos.

ladies view.jpg

I used just part of the forest-y palette above to make this clover pattern.

The photos don't need to be travel-centric to make great palettes. I like this one of reading with a cup of tea.

One tip I have is to try out photos that you're drawn to, even if you're not sure that they will make a great palette. I love this near-rainbow that came out of this photo of my lunch.

Have you ever used the Adobe Capture app or something similar to make palettes? All the colors just make me so happy, and I hope they make you happy too. I'm so excited to keep playing with these palettes. 

Out West

Things have been pretty quiet around here because I packed up my entire life, drove across the country, and moved to LA! 

Here is a look at what I've been up to for the last few weeks.

I went up to Massachusetts to visit family before I left.  I spent some time walking around the Public Garden and it was gorgeous. 

I said goodbye to my neighborhood in DC.

My wonderful friend and former roommate, Hannah, and I headed out of DC with our air plant, Jamie, in tow.

Our first stop was Roanoke, VA, which was incredibly charming. We ate chicken and waffles and walked around. DC friends, I definitely recommend visiting. 

We saw so many beautiful sunsets on the road.  So much color palette inspiration.

We stopped in Memphis which was incredible. Ate BBQ, took ridiculous photobooth pictures, and walked down by the Mississippi River.

After our longest day of driving we stayed in Tulsa. I loved Tulsa's vibe! I didn't take a ton of pictures there (or on this whole trip really - I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself and I was often driving), but if was one of my favorite stops.  We got some breakfast burritos, t-shirts, and pastries to go. I definitely want to go back someday.

There was a lot of this.

We got stuck in a traffic jam in Texas, where we made friends with truck drivers and tried to start a Hamilton sing along.

We managed to get to Santa Fe on a night when every single hotel was full. It was incredibly stressful and we didn't get to experience the city as much as I would have liked to, but the drive there was incredible - there was almost no one else on the roads and the sunset was pink and purple and misty.  Very otherworldly. 

The skies in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona were full of fluffy clouds. We thought of them as Toy Story wallpaper clouds.

We stopped at the Grand Canyon and saw tons of deer by the side of the road that would just come right up to cars.

We made it to LA on the 4th of July and dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean. 

I'm still getting settled here in LA, but so far it has been going pretty well. If you're in DC, I miss you! Leaving my friends and the art community in DC was tough and I'll definitely be keeping up with what happens there. If you're in LA and you want to meet up or collaborate, then feel free to get in touch! I can't wait to connect more with the art community out here.  

Color and Inspiration from LA

Two weekends ago I took a trip to visit my wonderful friend Jenny in LA and we had such a blast! We spent a bunch of time just wandering around outside in the beautiful sunshine and everything was so colorful that I thought I would share some photos in case anyone is looking for some inspiration. I know that these are the kinds of vibes I'm looking for right now as spring gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere.

Even laundromats are decked out in killer street art.

I want to do an abstract-ish painting of this beach so badly.

This was the cutest motel ever. I want to stay here!

This was a super cool crystal shop in Santa Monica. Heart eyes for that neon sign. When I was here I bought a piece of citrine for prosperity, personal power, creativity, clarity and focus.

Amazing street art by Vhils. This is created with explosives.

There are neon signs everywhere - I loved this one (just a little bit less than the Room of Ascension)

Last Spring I realize that I was obsessed with flowers (so many flower photos) and LA's flower game is so on point.

We visited the Broad museum and I fell in love and took so many photos. This is Tulips, by Jeff Koons.

Perfect for selfies. And pink.

Roy Lichtenstein's take on my favorite paintings of all time - Monet's Rouen Cathedral series. It is so cool to see other artists loving and being inspired by the same work that I love and am inspired by.

Another iconic Jeff Koons piece: Balloon Dog! WHen I was looking at this I realized that I hope to someday create work that surprises and delights people like this.

Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays. Jenny Holzer is my icon.

Really difficult to show the size and color in this installation, but here is an attempt. 

A closeup of Takashi Murakami's piece, Of Chinese Lions, Peonies, Skulls, and Fountains. 

Again, LA's flower game is so on point.