All Are Welcome Here

Like so many people around the country, I'm extremely distressed by what has been happening in America this past week, especially the executive orders that have been signed. 

In one part of my family, I am in the second generation of children born in America. I grew up learning that my grandfather was so grateful to be able to come to this country from Ireland and so proud to be an American. This kind of opportunity should be available to everyone, not just those of us who are white or of a certain religion. It is my responsibility to make it so. I will speak out against the Muslim ban, the wall, and whatever other injustices come out of this administration. 

I made this little lettering piece as a small act of resistance and change, and I made it into a digital download so you can use it too. 

One printable has two 4x6 postcard-sized pieces - perfect to send to your your legislators and governors, either to encourage them to speak out against the ban, or to express your support for them if they already have. Here is the link to a handy spreadsheet with a list of senators, governors, their positions, and their contact information. If you do write postcards, please remember to call as well.

The other printable is a full page print version to hang up in your home or wherever you'd like.

Click here to view and download the printables.

Both downloads are 8.5x11 pages, the only thing you should need to do is press print, but please let me know if you have an issues and I will be sure to fix. 

Of course, these downloads are for personal use only, please don't sell them!