Busting Creative Blocks

Like many people, I've felt like my creative juices have been running a little low recently. Lots of things personally and globally are getting me (and many of us down) and it can be hard to find the motivation to make things. So this week I'm sharing a few strategies that I use to combat block. 

1. Revisit old sketchbooks and journals. If you'e read this blog before you know how much I value looking back at these - I have a whole series about it. When I look back at old work I often find ideas that I want to update. It is also wonderful for self confidence - either you look back on old work that you love and are proud that you made it, or you see how much your work has improved over time.

2. Try and entirely different medium. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Working with different materials can lead to thinking in new ways and coming up with creative solutions. The new medium I've been trying recently is digital collage with the help of a mini course from Crystal Moody's Year of Creative Habits (Crystal has also written a ton about creativity and beating creative blocks on her blog, and I definitely recommend checking it out). 

creative block notes

3. Take notes. A lot of looking for inspiration is passively scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or even flipping through books, and I find that it can wash right over me. I find that writing down what I like about different pieces as I look at them helps me internalize it more. Taking notes helps me to see what interests me over time. I highly recommend it.

creative block collage

4. Commit to making work. Another thing you know if you read this blog is that I'm a lover of the art challenge. Committing to making something, once a week, once a day, or whenever is obviously a good way to make things. And sometimes when you're not inspired and are just trying to fulfill your obligation you hit on something wonderful that you want to continue. I have lots of posts about creative challenges and making every day if you care to read on.

What are your tips for overcoming art blocks? I could use them these days.